Pet Insurance

We strongly recommend pet insurance. One of the biggest challenges that pet owners face when dealing with veterinary care, is the financial aspect. Most pet owners understand that properly taking care of their pet requires preventative medicine and maintenance. These preventative costs are usually easily budgeted for and affordable. The difficult situations are when an unexpected illness, injury, or accident happens, for example emergency surgery to remove a foreign body, broken leg, diagnosis with a serious disease, cancer, etc. While we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality medical care we do realize that it comes with a cost. Pet insurance helps to alleviate the financial burden for clients. It allows our clients to make decisions for their pets based on our medical recommendations and not finances.

Our preferred insurance company is Trupanion. Please do not hesitate to ask one of our veterinarians or support staff for more information about pet insurance. Many of our doctors and staff use Trupanion for their own pets. Visit their website for more information.