Veterinary Services

Our Hospitals Offer A Full Service Veterinary Clinic

We believe in the old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

This means that keeping your pet up to date with physical exams, dental care, heartworm, lyme and fecal testing, appropriate vaccinations and wellness blood tests will go a long way in preventing disease. This also helps to identify problems earlier before they can have a negative or irreversible effect on your pets life. Combine this with the right amount of exercise, a good diet, weight control and your four legged family member will live longer and his or her health care will cost less.

We offer many services to help maintain your pets health at its optimum level. Browse the links to read about the many ways we work to ensure our patients the absolute best medical care. Remember this is not an all inclusive list so be sure to ask one of our health care team members for specific information on your pet.

Non-Medical Services Provided By Our Animal Hospital

In addition to our complete medical, surgical and emergency care facilities, we also offer a wide variety of non-medical pet care services. This way you and your pet can rely on a team that you already know and trust.

Some of the non-medical services we offer include:

  • Grooming
  • Boarding
  • Medical Boarding
  • Pet Supplies
  • Adoptions

Emergency Care

Accidents, injuries and illnesses never take into account time of day. While some situations can wait until the next morning or business day, others require immediate attention. This is why we offer extended hours during the week, as well as weekend hours, including Sunday. We currently are not open 24 hours. 

Our hospital is staffed with highly experienced, dedicated veterinarians and veterinary care support staff. Our hospital provides trauma and critical care for accidents, injuries and illnesses of all types. Our emergency staff are equipped to manage the medical care and help our clients through stressful and potentially life threatening situations. We will work with our clients to make sure you have a good understanding of your pet's illness and what steps should be taken to provide the best care options for your pet.

Please visit our emergency services page to learn more and please know that if your pet needs emergency care anytime day or night, that we are here for you.



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