Allergy Testing

Is your dog or cat itchy every spring and fall? It's possible your dog has atopy, a hypersensitivity to pollens, molds and other airborne antigens. Humans show allergires by sneezing, while animals demonstrate them through itchy or infected skin. If your dog or cat has these problems,we offer a blood test that can tell us exactly what your pet is allergic to. Once we know what pollens your pet is allergic to we can create an "allergy vaccine" specific for your pet that will desnsitize it to those pollens.

The allergy vaccine is given under the skin. It is administered every other day then the pet is gradually weaned to once every 3 weeks. We can teach you how to administer this injection or we can have one of our technicians do it for you. The allergy vaccine is shown to help 80% of atopic allergies in dogs.

In order to do the blood test for atopy, the pet must be fasted for 18 hours. The results will come back in 1-2 weeks. No steroids can be given 1-3 months prior to the blood test as it will create false negatives. The ideal time to do this testing would be during the non-symptomatic period. We can discuss all aspects of this condition, testing and treatment with you.


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